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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department dictates the requirements that prospective residents must satisfy, and one of theme is a medical exam proving satisfactory health. A civil surgeon is a physician appointed by the department to conduct such exams. If you are looking for an immigration doctor to conduct your adjustment of status or green card medical exam, the staff at International Family of Medicine Walk-in & Urgent Care can help. We specialize in immigration exam services for patients throughout the greater Indianapolis area.

What Is An Immigration Medical Exam?

An exam generally entails the following services:

  • Verification of previous vaccinations
  • Administration of any additional vaccines that are necessary
  • Tests for tuberculosis and other diseases
  • Physical examination and satisfaction of all required paperwork
  • Assessment of any mental or physical abnormalities

We take pride in serving our community’s immigrant population. Whether you are applying for a green card or naturalization, you can count on us to take care of all your health care needs throughout the process. In addition, you can count on us to take care of all your health care needs throughout the process. In addition to exams, we offer services such as skin care, lab work and routine medical care to patients.

Immigration Health Care Doctors In Carmel & Zionsville

You may already know there are health care requirements throughout the immigration process. You might now know that seeing a specialized immigrations doctor can make the process easier. International Family of Medicine Walk-In & Urgent Care provides exams and treatment for green cards and adjustment of status for patients throughout the Indianapolis area. We also serve Carmel and Zionsville, so if you are in need of these or other medical services, such as an opioid treatment plan, you can schedule an appointment and start pursuing your best health. Call us at (317) 731-5887 to do so.

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