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We accept all major insurance providers.

Self-pay patients receive $20 off your first visit.

*If it is after hours and you are in need of immediate medical assistance, please call 911.

Emergencies can crop up at any time when we least expect them. It could be at home, our places or work or anywhere else and thus the need for urgent care medical attention. International Family Medicine Walk-In & Urgent Care is your dedicated partner for urgent care in indianapolis and other health solutions.

Any time you need urgent care, Walk-In clinics tend to offer you the best care you need. It is highly recommended you seek urgent healthcare from popular health providers, not every health facility can offer you high quality services. Your health is a very essential aspect of your life and you can’t entrust it with just anybody. We are here to provide you with professional and compassionate healthcare services that meets your health needs.

Our health facility is fully equipped with sufficient state-of-the-art modern facilities and a team of professionals to ensure that all our patients get access to urgent care in indianapolis with no long waits. We guarantee prompt quality care to our patients at all times. In case of any medical emergency or general health concern, you can count on us.

We Offer A State-of-the-Art Urgent Care facility in Indiana

At International Family of Medicine we offer convenient, fast and cost-effective urgent care services to you and your loved ones when you need it most. Our medical staff is highly experienced to handle any emergency at any time and we never compromise on our quality service delivery day or night. Now offering self-pay.

We understand how things work when an unexpected life-threatening condition occurs during afterhours or over the weekend and you have no one to help. The thing can be so overwhelming when you are not sure of where to find help. Never worry, International Family Medicine is your place for all your health solutions especially those that are calling for urgent care in Indianapolis.

Never Ignore Any Medical Condition

It may seem like its not a big deal after having a minor injury. But remember it needs urgent attention to prevent it from becoming a major health issue that may get serious and life-threatening. When patients face a medical issue that they have never experienced before, most people get confused and they don’t know the kind of care they require. That is why we recommend that a patient seeks medical attention in case of any emergency or a new medical problem that has not been diagnosed earlier. It could also be a recurrence of a health issue that was earlier diagnosed and treated and has recurred. Never ignore such conditions, if not handled by healthcare practitioners, in a timely manner, you could get an infection.

We Guarantee Timely And Patient-Centred Services

Your health is our top priority and that is why we are dedicated to offering patient-centred services that meets your individual healthcare needs. We also ensure that we you don’t have to wait long to receive our services. We coordinate our tasks accordingly to ensure that we offer timely services at all times.

What’s The Cost Of Urgent Care in Indianapolis

At International Family Medicine, Walk-In & Urgent Care, we offer all our medical services at very affordable cost. We guarantee professional and expertise medical services to all our patients across all walks of life by offering highly discounted prices that are affordable to all. Self-pay options are available.


Whenever you need our medical services be it for urgent care or general treatment, you don’t require any appointment. Just walk-in and meet our medical professionals who are ready to offer you the compassionate and quality care that meets your health needs. We work to ensure that we help you achieve your health goals.

Anyone can became a victim for any kind of emergency at any given time. When an emergency strikes, where do you turn to for help? Make International Family Medicine, Walk-In & Urgent Care your all-time medical partner for all your health solutions. For more information about our services and offers, contact us; someone is waiting on board to hear from you.

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